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Welcome to 18 Wheeler Insurance. We offer free quotes and information on commercial auto insurance and non-trucking insurance for semi-trailers, big-rigs, tractor-trailers, and whatever other name you have for your hauler.We work with dozens of commercial auto insurance and semi-trailer insurance providers to bring you free quotes and information on only the best truck insurance plans at the most affordable rates.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive owner/operator policy for your rig, or just something to offer extra protection on top of your company's basic trucking liability coverage, we can get your truck insured in as little as 10 minutes over the phone. So don't spend hours on the phone calling truck insurance carriers trying to get a great deal, let us do the shopping for you and save with zero effort! We make our money by getting our truck insurance carriers business, so we don't have to pass on any cost to the consumer.

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Trucking Liability:

Trucking liability insurance protects your assets in the event that you cause an accident while you are towing a load. This type of trucking insurance will have very specific rules about what can and can't be towed. Many driver's do not need this type of semi-trailer insurance because it is included in their contract with their carrier. Trucking liability options are policies designed for owner/operators.

Non-Trucking liability:

Very similar to Bobtail insurance coverage, non-trucking liability is often confused for it's more limited bob-tail option.

This type of semi-trailer insurance coverage covers your vehicles while you are not on business, regardless of the state of the truck. That means whether you have a load or not, as long as you're off the clock and on personal business, this insurance option keeps you covered.

Bobtail Insurance:

Bobtail insurance coverage for a semi covers your rig between loads. If you add a trailer to your bob-tail however, it nullifies your bobtail coverage regardless of how full the trailer is.

Occupational Accident Coverage:

This is a trucking insurance coverage option for those who have particularly risky jobs and would like an extra degree of protection for their family in the event of their untimely demise. Occupational accident coverage provides insurance benefits in the event of a qualifying accidental injury or death while delivering goods.


Collision truck insurance coverage pays benefits to you in the event your truck is damaged in a collision.

qualifying collisions under a collision auto insurance policy include collisions with other vehicles, structures, and animals.

Comprehensive (Physical Damage):

A comprehensive damage plan offers its policy-holders protection against costs stemming from property damage to the truck (except for specifically named sources of risk or peril).



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