Benefits of Being an 18 Wheeler Driver


To some, making a living as a big rig driver seems like a tough job. You’re always on the road, driving long distances for hours, no comfortable places to sleep, often taking rests in the middle of nowhere. It involves labor when unloading and loading a trailer. There’s also the danger itself of driving a big rig: they’re heavy, hard to stop, unpredictable, and can cause a lot of damage. That being said, many people are still interested in owning their own trucks and becoming drivers. They don’t let the horror stories scare them because they recognize the many benefits of buying a big rig and becoming drivers. Some of those benefits are listed below.


Good Pay- In the United states the average truck driver makes anywhere from $35,000 to $70,000 per year. An Owner-Operator truck driver that owns their own business can make up to $270,000 per year.

Benefits- Most truck driving jobs comes with a 401k package and great health coverage.

Independence- When you’re a truck driver, you’re your own boss. You will usually be on the road alone and will rarely have to answer to any superiors.

CDL is easy- If you study, the CDL is an easy test to pass; especially when compared to the BAR (Law), CPA (Accounting) and MCAT (Nursing) exams.

Travel- One of the favorite benefits of being a truck driver is the travel requirements. You will be able to visit and drive through many different places throughout the country or even the world.

Secure- Truck drivers are in high demand and the industry is not on the decline. If the economy goes awry, truck driver jobs will be recession proof.


These are just a few of the reasons to become a truck driver. If you’re looking for a stable job with good pay and lots of travel, then this may be the career for you. Remember that every big rig driver should have some sort of 18 Wheeler Insurance policy to protect them against collisions, theft, and any other damage caused by their rig. You can get a 18 Wheeler Insurance quote any time online. Get your life on the road to a better future!



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